This Endless Becoming | Bridie Lunney

NGV Melbourne NOW

Melbourne Now National Gallery of Victoria 22 November – 23 March 2014
With performers James Lunney, Lily Paskas, Sarah Enright, Melanie Lane, Torie Nimmervoll
and Shelley Lasica.

Acting as a stage set, Lunney’s work for Melbourne Now is a large-scale intervention that
both reflects and disrupts the architectural conditions of the white cube of the gallery, with
surrounding sculptural forms that lie latent with the tension of potential activation. Display
forms, urban structures, interior fittings and domestic objects are presented as hermetic
objects and then at key moments transformed into props for performance. These sculptures
will be relocated and activated by performers throughout the exhibition, and become
abstracted once again with the absence of the body. Offering an alternative to the
choreography of the viewer, the performers expand the gestural possibilities within the NGV
gallery space.

Melanie Lane