Corps Conspirators

Melanie Lane | Corps Conspirators is a project spanning 2 years [2024-2025] supported by Creative Victoria through the Creative Ventures initiative. Corps Conspirators brings together artists and arts workers led by Lane, that create experimental contemporary dance performances across multidisciplinary spaces including for youth, transcultural communities and with new technologies. Focusing on collaborative choreographic practices, Corps Conspirators imagines futures for the body in which diverse lived experiences are at the centre of interrogation, Corps Conspirators uniquely traverses both artistic and cultural languages to create works that take on re-imagined forms of contemporary dance performance. From robotics and animation, live music and dance to transformative children’s work, the vision for the project is to deliver audience experiences that de-stabilise expectations and create spaces to reflect on the ever-accelerating and evolving world we inhabit.

Projects included under the Corps Conspirators initiative include Arkadia [Rising 2024], Phantasm [Chunky Move 2025], Dream Swamp [Melbourne Fringe 2024], Mountain [Now or Never 2024], Pemuda [Indonesia 2024-25] and Robotics research [2024-25].

Image Credit: Gregory Lorenzutti


Melanie Lane