CLARK Live show 2016

Choreography for UK electronic musician Clark’s 2014/15 live show

Inspired by his latest self-titled album, the choreography for Clark’s live show is a synthesis of future fantasies. Treading between mechanical and organic, this departure from conventional club visuals brings the live show experience to bold, new levels.

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Under the scrapes of mud coating the Bugged Out! tent’s ceiling, Clark’s performance goes off like a fission reactor. The Warp veteran turns in a textured set, moving gracefully from magnesium fizz static to basement sledgehammer kicks. It’s packed with peaks of individual brilliance – the antsy trance synth lines percolating behind the mechanised voice on ‘Growls Garden’, the regal horn blasts of ‘Unfurla’, the momentary subsiding of ‘To Live And Die In Grantham’ – woven nicely together with the visuals. Sparks from an animated fire in a forest clearing ascend at one point before we shoot into the future, where dancers, previously dressed as Mylar-coated robots, reappear with Predator-style tresses and geometric armour. By the time the set winds down, it feels like we’ve covered far more territory than a mere 45 minutes, a masterful mid-afternoon high.

— Laurie Tuffrey, The Quietus

Melanie Lane