Igor — hush hush

Tanz ueber Graben - Sacre 100 years

The almost impossible arithmetic of Stravinsky’s musical language is what is explored in ‘Igor-hush hush’. Studying part one of ‘The Rite of Spring’ – The Adoration of the Earth, the poly-rhythmic score acts as the framework in which an attempt of a choreographic translation is explored – in silence. The performers seek to embody the score in it’s most primitive sense, allowing the birth of a musical dance language to evolve.
Musical study from : ‘The Rite of Spring’ 1962 Columbia Symphony Orchestra recording – conducted by Stravinsky | ‘The Rite of Spring’, Original score arranged for Piano for four hands.
Performed in the program of ‘Tanz ueber Graben’ – Sacre 100 years

Melanie Lane