Presented by Phoenix Central Park

Long time collaborators UK electronic music producer Chris Clark and award-winning choreographer Melanie Lane join musicians from the Canberra Symphony Orchestra, alongside celebrated fashion designer Akira Isogawa and five dancers, to present an evocative new work MOUNTAIN.
MOUNTAIN is a negation between humans and the mythic world, it contemplates the terror of descent and the transcendence of conquering unreachable peaks. Echoing the human struggle “upwards”, this sonic and choreographic work is a metaphor for ascension and descent, and a catalyst for the exploration of these sacred and mysterious landscapes.
An original score composed by Chris Clark, draws from his recent works for film. Interweaving electronics with strings and piano to create a haunting and arresting sonic world that sits between acoustic and synthetic textures. Dancers Tyrel Dulvarie, Sara Black, Yolanda Lowatta and Max Burgess climb, collapse and take flight, carried by music that both threatens and promises a realm beyond our own.

Melanie Lane