New Creation

In development 2023-24

New Creation (working title), a sci-fi dance opera by Melanie Lane in collaboration with five dance artists, Marg Horwell (design), UK musician Clark and visual animator Kim Laughton (Tokyo/UK). Set in a speculative fiction, a garden of paradise, New Creation explores mythologies of the afterlife in response to our accelerating, technological world and inevitable extinction. Gods, deities and ghosts metamorphosize in a parallel universe where fiction and reality collide in a poetic and uncanny hyper-realm.

3 years in the making, NEW CREATION began its conception in 2020 and has had multiple research and development phases across 2021-2023. New Creation has been commissioned by The Substation. Development has been further supported by The Australia Council for the Arts, Playking Foundation and Chunky Move. Premiering in 2024.

For more information and video links, please contact my producer, Freya Waterson –

Melanie Lane