A dance duett in collaboration with dancer Briana Corchado

Night vision is the result of the invitation from Artistic director Lucy Guerin to create a short work for the season ‘Pieces for Small Spaces’. Melanie invited 12 year old dancer Briana Corchado to join her in creating a duet based on their first encounter in the studio together. It is an intimate and playful journey, subtly commenting on the relationship between adult/child, future, fantasy and sisterhood.

‘Night Vision is pretty much complete as a work… it’s hard to imagine how it could be improved. It’s a dozen ingenious minutes of hair-flicking style, twisted humour and super heroism. The pint-sized Briana Corchado plays a bubblegum munching Charlie’s Angel while Melanie Lane plays her adult sidekick. ‘ – Chris Boyd, Dance critic.

‘A duet of symmetries, this time between a woman (Melanie Lane) and a child (Briana Corchado)…. Night Vision is marked by a wit that electrifies these rhyming bodies. It suggests all sorts of relationship: mother/daughter, self/future/past, intimacy and estrangement. There’s a feeling of dream. For me, the highlight of the evening.’ – Alison Croggon, Dance critic.

nightvision - 4
credit: Gregory Lorenzutti
Melanie Lane