Wonderwomen” invites the two female professional bodybuilders Rosie Harte and Nathalie Schmidt to meet in a performance context. They contemplate their highly demanding sport that amplifies and transforms the body. While striving for an ultimate physical form, the women navigate their profoundly trained bodies and the potential for a new body language. “Wonderwomen” is a dialogue that brings together strength and vulnerablility, representation and transformation, athleticism and femininity.

Wonderwomen‘ creates something extraordinary, even if the very ordinary phrase has to be used here now: the staging succeeds in breaking open habits of perception and underneath perceptions’…’in several respects this is a rare, strong performance.’ Steffen Georgi | Leipziger Volkszeitung, 28.11.2016

Wonderwomen‘ was the winner of the 2017 Leipziger Bewegungskunstpreis.

Melanie Lane